Missions and Goals

The missions of WMINST are:

  • to pursue world-class fundamental research in the area of nanostructured materials;
  • to create critical interdisciplinary opportunities;
  • to train human resources; and
  • to partner with local and regional industry for technology transfer of research results.


The goals of WMINST are:

  • to forge a multidisciplinary collaborative team;
  • to generate new knowledge in the physics and chemistry of nanostructured materials and their attendant properties, with an eye towards industrial applications;
  • to strengthen scientific interactions with other local research groups and top research groups around the world in nanostructured materials;
  • to work with local industries to exploit commercialization opportunities emerging from nanostructured materials research;
  • to provide general support to industry through better scientific understanding of such materials;
  • to educate students in the science and technology of nanostructured materials; and
  • to disseminate the most up-to-date discoveries and their implications to the general public.